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We handle all aspects of audio production and recording.

We are at home working on many types of audio recording, including audiobooks, podcasts and corporate events/videos, but we specialise in productions with live music elements. Whether its a live concert recording, location recording, or livestream, we can help with as much (or little) of your project as you require. 

With our in-house rig music recording rig, any ensemble up to a moderately sized orchestra can be tracked in full quality. With good relationships with a number of equipment rental suppliers, we are more than happy to take on much larger projects. No project is too big or too small.



We are at home on a variety of projects and styles, including corporate projects, documentary, narrative, informational, and promotional content, but we specialise in entertainment projects with music elements. We are are able to create 'as live' music videos in a style of your choice, whether that be a more traditional static shooting style or a more modern style with dynamic moving shots. Additionally, we can film 'audition style' videos with a single stationary shot. We can also produce multi-camera recordings of live concerts and multi-camera livestreams.

Every member of our team is a musician and this means that we are adept at picking the right shots and angles to best convey the music's emotional content, and to best showcase the musicians!  


With our new live streaming rig we can broadcast your concert or event in stunning HD or 4k resolution to your social media channels (including Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin) with custom graphics, colour grade and a professional audio mix. Alternatively we can embed a livestream feed straight to your website. 

We can complete simple single camera livestreams, or complex 10 camera productions, which is comfortably enough for a full orchestral concert or church service. With our team's musical experience we make sure the shots are always appropriate for the music, and looking in the right place! 

We can also record a full quality copy of the live stream locally and multitrack the audio for any future releases. 

Live Streaming
Project Management


We can manage and oversee all aspects of your recording project, whether it's for CD /DVD release, video release, promotion and marketing or anything else!


This begins at the very start of your project, where we can guide you through the processes of venue selection and even offer advice on repertoire selection as required.  At this point we will also discuss with you the intended aims of the project, and the sonic and/or visual style that may be appropriate.


After that we can take care of all the logistics regarding the session / project right through to release, so you can focus on the music!



Whilst we are always glad to be asked to oversee a project, we appreciate that for various reasons it can be valuable to be able to undertake audio and video productions yourself. We can answer any questions you may have and offer advise and guidance through the recording process from start to finish. Perhaps you've made some recordings but have been disappointed with the result, or perhaps you're starting right from the beginning. Whatever your experience level we can furnish you with the skills to make your own audio and video recordings. This includes advice about acoustics, recording techniques, post processing techniques and guidance about which equipment and software to use. 

Clients wishing to make their own recordings may also benefit from our equipment rental shop on the website

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